The New Plough Inn

The New Plough InnThe New Plough Inn! Your Home for Good Times and Great Brews!

Step into the heart of our community at The New Plough Inn, where tradition meets warmth, and every visit feels like coming home. We’re not just a pub; we’re a haven for real ale enthusiasts, a hub for monthly charity quizzes, proud sponsors of the Hinckley Rugby Football Club (HRFC), and the beloved Hinckley Cricket Club. And yes, we’re proudly dog-friendly!

Quizzical Delight since Jan 2009!

Join us every month for a brain-teasing adventure at our charity quizzes. It’s not just about the questions; it’s about the laughter, camaraderie, and the joy of supporting local causes. Since January 2009, we’ve been bringing our community together, one quiz at a time. Test your knowledge, have a blast, and contribute to the greater good!

The New Plough Inn

Real Ales Galore!

Experience the authentic taste of tradition with our exceptional selection of real ales. We take pride in being a 100% wet-led pub, where the amber nectar flows freely, and the atmosphere is always buzzing. From classic favourites to unique local brews, we’ve got a pint for every palate.

Proud Sponsors

Proud Sponsors of HRFC and Hinckley Cricket Club Sports lovers, rejoice! At The New Plough Inn, we’re passionate about supporting our local heroes. As sponsors of the Hinckley Rugby Football Club and the Hinckley Cricket Club, we stand behind the spirit of sportsmanship and community. Join us in cheering for our teams and celebrating victories, big and small.

Furry Friends Welcome!

Your four-legged companions are more than just pets; they’re family. That’s why we’re delighted to declare The New Plough Inn as a dog-friendly haven. Bring your furry friends along, and let them bask in the warmth of our hospitality. Water bowls, treats, and tail wags await!
Whether you’re here for the ales, the quizzes, to support local sports, or just to unwind with your furry friend by your side, The New Plough Inn is your go-to destination for a warm welcome and memorable moments. Come on in, and let the good times flow!

Thank you for reading this blog, The New Plough Inn.
Hope to see you soon,
Louise and Darren

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